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Introduction to Stained Glass. Wardell.
A complete ‘how to do’ stained glass manual
that includes copperfoil and traditional lead fabrication
with full-size patterns for 17 projects.
BW985041 $16.95

Quick Success Stained Glass. Wardell.
A beginner's guide that includes over 100 color photos,
"How-to" techniques, detailed safety guides and an
easy-to-follow format.
BW985181 $14.95

Stained Glass Books

Bevel Window Designs. Wardell.
100 design drawings, 30 color photos. Traditional and contemporary designs using bevelled glass.

BW985070 $18.50

SALE $10.00


American Quilts II
Guyol, Sara
28 designs for stained glass based on traditional quilting patterns.
BANR663 $15.95

SALE $8.00

Japanese Crests I.
Sweet, Ann. 30 Designs for stained glass circles with Japanese influence.

B681941 $13.95

SALE $7.00


Homegrown Glass from the Garden
Burris, Clara. 23 stained glass patterns for vegetables, fruit and critters. Use them for suncatchers, stepping stones, garden markers or overlays.

BSGN68231 $17.95

SALE $9.00


New Floral Images
Full size drawings 16 x 20 to 20 x 30 for 7 designs, with colour photos and glass amounts

 B459565 $16.15

SALE $8.00


In The Wild
Beaulieu, Jean.
12 designs featuring wild animals from Africa and Asia

SGN600 $16.95

SALE 8.50

 Windows of Enduring Beauty
The latest in portfolio books with stained glass installations from Preston Studios.

BW98537 $24.95

SALE $15.00

Decorative Alphabets
Sibbett, Ed, Jr.
A handsome collection of the alphabet for stained glass, in seven different fonts, ranging from Gothic to modern.

SIBBETT2 $11.95

SALE $6.00


Basically Bevels 2
Vogt, Melissa.
Gift ideas featuring 4" x 6" oval bevels. 12 patterns

SALE $9.50

Coastal Lights
Seven lighthouse designs are intended to be overlaid on a single piece of glass allowing for dramatic effects.
Bl6800 $15.95

SALE $10.00

Artisans Windows.
Stein, Mari.

A dozen designs for stained glass panels ranging from 14" x 22" to 28" x 59". Florals and geometrics.
BMS2500 $ 9.95

SALE $5.00

 Aanraku Eclectic VIII.
Kobayashi & Castaline.
30 Oriental designs. Flowers, geishas, koi, butterfly, herons, waterfall.

ANR698652 $20.00

SALE $10.00

About The Sea
Kelleher, Joan.
14 projects including 8 fish, 3 lighthouses, 1 sea turtle, 1 sailboat & gull and 1 scuba diver. Full size patterns.


SALE $9.00


Light and Dark Fantasy I Robert & Boncore.
26 Designs for fantasy images - elves, unicorns, fairies, mermaids, wizards, etc.

SGN35145 $16.95

SALE $8.50

Sea Faeries
Sawyer, Jillian
26 Patterns for mermaids all with full color illustrations. Intended to be enlarged 2x.

 CKE64695 $28.95

SALE $14.50

Glass Design Source Book Hillman Over 200 original patterns for stained glass windows. Victorian, Art Nouveau, contemporary, prairie style, nature and lots of bevels. 48 pages, color covers.
BCK133720 $28.50

SALE $17.00

Maidens, Myths and Mermaids
Sheppard. 2 full-size patterns and 40 art glass designs realistically
translate scenes from mythology and history.
BW68141 $18.95

SALE $12.00

McMillan, Mathew
18 Full size designs for classic cars and trucks with instructions.
WP520085 $12.95

SALE $6.50

 Deep Blue Sea
Gibbs, Leslie
20 patterns for creatures of the sea; fish, shells, mermaids, octopus, squid, jellyfish all with color photos.
 CKE32707X $17.95

SALE $9.00

Angels II
Shulze, Donna.
Full size patterns for heavenly guardian angel designs. Patterns as large as 17" x 21".

PAP2 $21.95

SALE $11.00

Lava & Cube Lanterns
Williams, Jill.
Patterns and instructions for creating stained glass lanterns inspired by Craftsman-era sensibilities and 60's era lava lamps. Six designs for each.
SGN68790 $19.95

SALE $10.00


Stained Glass Wall Mirrors
Coleman, Judy
Patterns for decorative and functional mirrors for any room in your home. 11 patterns
SGN670 $15.95

SALE $8.00

 The Next Book Glassmith Studios.

Designs for landscapes, flora, fauna plus two lampshades. Color Photos.

BGST53367 $25.95

SALE $13.00


15 Pieces or Less
Kyle& Tayne
BCK70174 $21.95
SALE $10.00

10 Pieces or Less - $10.00
30 Pieces or Less - $10.00



 Adorable Nightlights
BMB2012 SALE $8.00
 Art Deco Pattern Book
BD23550 SALE $5.25
 Altered Glass
BSGN2007 SALE $9.00
Band Saw Challenge II
 BDT2020 $15.00
 Box Column Lanterns
SGN2008 SALE $8.50
 Angel Companions
CKE32736 SALE $10.00
 Canine Creations
BMS66081 SALE $7.00
Angels I
 BAN3503 SALE $7.00
 Celtic Designs|
BSGN450 SALE $8.00
 Celtic Pattern Book
BD40479 SALE $5.50
 Children's Illustrations 1
BMB2011 SALE $10.00
Coastal Inspirations
 CKE327215 SALE $9.50
 Faerie Frolics
BMS19813 SALE $12.50
 Glass Angels
BMS5500 SALE $7.50
 Glass Views
BM459409 SALE $9.00
 Glass Whirls Too
BMS3002 SALE $15.00
 Horses in Leaded Glass
BMS68091 SALE $7.00
 Hyde Park Windows
BM2003 SALE $8.00
 I Haven't Lost My Marbles
BSGN560 SALE $7.50
 Snowflakes II
BMS69691 SALE $8.00
 Nite Lite Patterns II
BM93721 SALE $7.00
 Sidelights, Fanlights & Transoms|
BCK25328 SALE $5.50
 Stained Glass Snowflakes
SGN68152 SALE $8.50
 State Flowers in Stained Glass
CKE133623 SALE $9.50
 Welcome Home
CKE327243 SALE $10.00
 Wild Animals
BD29337 SALE $5.00
 30 Pieces or Less!
CKE327169 SALE $10.00
 10 Pieces or Less!
CKE327045 SALE $10.00

DVDs by Paned Expressions Studios

Patterns in .jpg, .tif & .eye format for use with MAC and PC computers and printers
 BDVD1010 SALE $15.00
West by Southwest
Hartman's Glass Art
90 patterns in southwest designs.
 BDVD1011 SALE $15.00
Oceans & Islands
Hartman's Glass Art

60 patterns including florals, islands, under water and on the water.
 BDVD1012 SALE $15.00
Our Favorite Patterns
 BDVD1013 SALE $15.00
Catch the Light
 BDVD1014 SALE $15.00
Kids' Stuff?

Nursery rhymes, fairy tales and other "childish" things. 60 patterns.
 BDVD1015 SALE $15.00
In Full Bloom I

Bumen, Flores, Fleurs, Flowers, Fiori
 BDVD1016 SALE $15.00
In Full Bloom II
Over 80 designs





 Mosaics for Home and Garden: Full size patterns for House Numbers, Nameplates, Fairy stones, etc.
BCK133658 $19.95
SALE $10.00
 Magnificent Mosaics: Venetian, Smalti and stained glass mosaic masterpieces for your home and garden.
BDT0217 $19.95
SALE $10.00

  A Mosaic Christmas

CKE13378X $22.50 SALE $11.25

Tiffany Garden Birdbaths & Borders: Full size patterns for 5 birdbaths or round stones, 6 more designs for various borders and wall plaques.
BGWB600 $13.95
SALE $7.00

Christmas Books - 50% OFF


 Santas around the World
Vicki Gillespie

12 patterns of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas and Father Christmas in Old World costumes

BSGN5520 $16.15
SALE $8.07


 Holiday 25 Pieces or Less
Tayne, Laura & Kathleen

Panels and freeform designs for celebrating Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa

BCK327298 $19.00
SALE $9.50

 'Tis the Season
Elaine Fossler

12 patterns for stained glass holiday projects: panels and 3-dimensional projects.

BSGN5540 $19.95
SALE $9.98


 A Victorian Christmas
Kimberlee Lynch

15 designs that capture the timeless tradition of Christmas past. Full-size patterns, color photographs, materials lists.

BSGN5530 $13.95


 We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Miller, Judy

11 full size patterns for hanging decorations with instructions for details.

BJM912833 $13.95
SALE $7.00

 Winter Wonderland
McMillan, Julie

20 full-size patterns for projects including candleholders, tree top ornaments, gingerbread house and nativity scene.

BWP204 $19.95
SALE $10.00



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